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  • What kind of home care services do you provide?
    As a reputable home care agency in Rockland County, we offer a wide variety of services to help you and your loved one redefine the meaning of comfort. These include, but are not limited to : Assisted Living Respite Care Companionship Fall Prevention Dietary Support And More
  • Are your personal care aides trained?
    Absolutely! We pride ourselves in cultivating highly-experienced, trained PCAs (sometimes called caregivers) who know the ins and outs of the homecare industry. We use a state-approved, high quality training platform.
  • Why should I choose Purpose Partneres Home Care?
    We're not your typical homecare agency, hiring inexperienced caregivers who utilize identical solutions in all scenarios. Instead, we're fully focused on your unique needs and adopt tailor-made strategies to serve you the way you want. Our promise of quality stems from our highly-professional services, offered by hand-vetted caregivers who go above and beyond to improve your quality of life.
  • How long does the home care last?
    Well, it completely depends on your unique needs/goals. While some services (post-hospital and respite care) last for a couple of days, others (companionship, assisted living, disability management etc.) may last a lifetime. You can talk to us to determine the exact duration of service.
  • Do you also provide medical services?
    We primarily focus on providing non-medical home care services. You can contact us to know more.
  • How are your caregivers selected?
    Our caregivers undergo a rigorous screening process where we meticulously check their expertise, attention to detail, professionalism, and above all, their commitment to serving humanity. We also run frequent evaluations on all staff to ensure that you're partnering with highly-qualified individuals who have proved their worth in every sphere.
  • How does your process work?
    First and foremost, we conduct an in-depth assessment of your problems. After that, we design a personalized, flexible care plan fully catering to your needs. Finally, we assign your job to the most suitable caregivers who can easily manage your problems and put a smile on your face.
  • How do I get started?
    Give us a call. We'll discuss your situation to give you a blissful life - the kind of life where you can gather all the positivity and live to the fullest! Or Fill out the short referral form below and one of our dedicated specialists will call you to assess your patient's needs.
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